Wednesday, November 30, 2011

sunlight and shadow

One of the things I love about being an artist is that I have the good fortune of noticing things.  Everything.
And one of the things I love about living in this time is that we have wonderful digital electronic devices available for recording all the fun things I notice.

I take loads of photographs.  With my camera.  And with my iPhone.  This little phone in my pocket actually takes pretty good photos.  So now I have collections of photos on my phone, on my FaceBook page, on my iPad, on my laptop.  The challenge is keeping them organized when they are filed hither and yon.

And I can easily email these visual treasures, or blog, or send them as an attachment to a phone message. Or post them on FaceBook. This is simply amazing! And fun!

So here are a few of the bits of light and shadow that I have noticed during my daily adventures, and captured with one of my handy little devices.

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