Tuesday, April 10, 2012

large canvas

My favorite second-hand store, Tiede's, in Overton, NE yielded yet another treasure on my last visit.
Before I even got in the front door, I had my eye on an oversized painting in a frame leaning against the store front.  I looked on the back, all canvas, reinforced construction, with a wooden frame.  A $25 price was marked with grease pencil on the back.  When I went in and told Karl and Beulah that I was interested, but pretty sure it wouldn't fit in my car, they offered to deliver it to me.  And cut the price down to $15.  SOLD!! And thank you!

Now in my studio, I have begun a new painting of a ponderosa pine tree that I know well. 

Some photos to follow of the necessary process of covering the lovely previous painting with gesso, and beginning the new painting.  I think the dimensions are 50"h x 60"w.  Pretty good size!  I have a long way to go, but here we go!

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