Thursday, January 24, 2013

Black Cows

Seriously?  I have not posted since last April.  Why?

My laptop, heavily used for the last 6 years, has been slowing down.  (Read - I have filled it up with MyPictures, and used up so much memory that we are not on good terms.)  I'm sorry.

I find that I use my iPhone more and more. Much more than my laptop.  But my dear little phone also has its limitations.

I love all this amazing technology, as long as it works for me.

In the meantime, I have been enjoying spending time at my studio.  Today I just opened a page on FaceBook for my Studio 3.  More technological challenges.  Seems like it should be easier.

My most recent paintings have been about black angus cattle. 
"Divine Bovine"  Acrylic.  52"x48"

We make a lot of trips back and forth to our cabin in Long Pine, Nebraska.  Through the Sand Hills.
Past many pastures, and feed lots, occupied by many cows. So I have many opportunities to observe.  I really like the repetition of the shapes of the black cattle in the golden corn stubble fields.
They say you should paint - and write about - what you know.  Well, I am a Nebraska girl.
I see cows.  Alot.  So I have been painting, collaging, photographing, and drawing cows.
We'll see where they lead me.

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  1. Just dropped by searching for fields of corn stubble in Nebraska, for another novel I'm writing. I wanted to examine them for more detail, to aid me in descriptive prose. Nice website.