Monday, November 17, 2014

I went to camp!

All those summers when we sent our son off to Signature Music Camp in Ithaca NY, I always thought "I want to go to Mom Camp!"  Well, I went to camp, and this was even better!

Life is a Verb Camp, named for Patti Digh's book Life is a Verb was filled with about 100 creative souls that probably have changed my life forever.
Set in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, these few days were loaded with so much sharing, joy, grief, laughter, art, music, poetry, nature, ..... well, it is so hard to describe.  I went alone, not knowing anyone at all.  And SO rapidly became a part of the "tribe."  I love these people.  And there are so many, I can't begin to show you all their beautiful faces.  But I have some photos of mine.

My new friend Susan, who shares my love of mandalas and labyrinths.

Amazing poets Naomi Shihab Nye and Ellen Bass were with us to share their poetry, and their own particular ways of looking and life, and made poetry so accessible to us all. 

The story of Donna's little crayon apron really touched the little girl in my heart.  Sharon photo bombed this photo of Suzanne and I. 

During the closing circle on Sunday morning, singing (and dancing) in a circle of about 100 wonderful people!

Patti Digh, our fearless leader.  What a vision this woman has. 

Sharing a hug with Sherry in this marvelous coat of all my favorite colors. 
Sherry taught us about celebrating all of life's little moments. 

Having fun in a book making class

Last night of camp, s'mores and sparklers by the lake.

I learned about Contra dance.  So much fun!

Yes.  These people are my tribe.  I cherish them all.

Working on a mixed media storyblock at the pre-camp session based on Patti Digh's book The Geography of Loss

Camp Kanuga, with Lake Kanuga, in November splendor.

So many beautiful memories of place and people and time. 
Thank you. 

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