Thursday, February 16, 2012


I really cannot complain.  We have had a very pleasant winter.  Unseasonably warm days. Sunshine.  Altogether a pretty easy winter.

Until a couple of weeks ago, when we got a foot of snow overnight.  Followed by very cold temperatures.
The snow is still here, although melting away, slowly.

I am not a "winter person."  I don't particularly care for snow.  And I definitely do not like cold.  But the day after the snow storm, I had to step out the back door and take a few photos.  When I see things that I like, I usually feel compelled to photograph them if I can.

The light was hitting this snow covered Adirondack chair and casting such interesting shadows, I couldn't resist.  Such contrast between light and dark.  It makes me think of our own shadow selves, and how we are not complete until we recognize and own our dark side, as well as our light.  We must integrate.  Dark and light.  Yin and yang.  Good and evil.  All together.

Thanks, Carl Jung.  You add such interesting dimension to my life.  I can almost appreciate the cold and the snow, while waiting for the warm and the sun! 

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