Friday, March 9, 2012

once in a lifetime

 A week ago we were in Naples, Florida.  My husband, Clint, was attending a large meeting with other health care professionals.  I went along as a "community participant."  It was nice of them to call us that, rather than just "spouse."  While he was in session, I and other community participants were also in session.  Morning session, at the beach.  Lunch session usually at the pool restaurant, with the first afternoon session being held poolside. I usually chose to forego the later afternoon shopping session, opting instead for the later afternoon nap session, prior to the requisite drinks and dinner sessions with spouses. What tough choices.  The hotel was fabulous with great staff.  The weather was fabulous, with above average temperatures - 85 or better everyday.  We felt very fortunate to be able to enjoy this.

I love the beach.  If I didn't live where I do, I would choose the beach.  I have always told Clint that if I ever ran away from home, and he needed to look for me, he could find me renting a house on the beach near Fernandina, Florida.  I love it there.  Sunshine, warm air, humidity that makes your skin feel great, a laid-back lifestyle, and the never-ending-immensity-eternity of the ocean.  Ahhhh.  Makes me sigh just thinking of it.

One afternoon we did join our group on an adventure.  We went on airboat rides in the Everglades.  Technically, we were on the edge of the Everglades, and it was a bit "touristy," but we enjoyed it none-the-less.  We had up-close encounters with alligators, saw beautiful birds and flora, and I even held a two-year-old two-foot-long baby gator!  How many times is that going to happen in MY life??!!

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I am turning 57.  A few weeks ago I played a silly game on FaceBook where I asked a friend to name an age for me to remember back to and then do a "then and now" comparison.  She chose my age 28.  Coincidentally, I am 56. Twice 28.  So I reflected on the first third of my life, and the second third of my life, and now I am embarking on the third "third" of my life.  Hopefully I will live another 28 years, and that will bring new adventures.  Maybe not holding baby alligators, but who knows?  I wonder what other "once in a lifetime" events are in store for me?  I'm looking forward to greeting this next chapter of my life with joy.


  1. Great pics! I am so jealous you got some beach time! I too would run away to the beach!
    And happy early b-day Auntie! Hope its a fabulous one!

  2. "I have always told Clint that if I ever ran away from home, and he needed to look for me, he could find me renting a house on the beach near Fernandina, Florida."

    I LOVE this part! And the picture of you holding an adorable baby alligator! :)

  3. You still have the most contagious smile on earth!
    My fondest memories are that of my freshman year at H. C. and the coolest people across the hall from me! I thought you and Deb were amazingly cool. The way you artfully decorated your dorm room, the music that danced out of the air from your room was all new to me and I loved it! You inspired me so much and I don't think you even realized it! You were the main reason I pledged KPY and my friends from then are people I still talk to every single week to this day! So glad we have reconnected! I look forward to hearing about your life now and where you are headed from here...